Download Net Ghost v1.0 Proxy Tool Free


Get Net Ghost v1.0 Proxy Tool Free.¬†will scrape proxies so if you’re searching for elite google proxies, it can benefit with that a lot.

To obtain good Google Elite proxies, heres how

1. Visit

2. Set the filter configurations as proven below:

Download Net Ghost v1.0 Proxy Tool Free3. once you have the website configurations set, (you may also set the page to show 100 results at any given time.

4. Open Netghost. Click the scraper tab. Then choose the option under Services and choose HMA.

5. Return to your hma proxy list . Hit control + A after which hit control +C

paste all of the text in to the netghost. You can check out page 2, 3, 4, 5 and repeat the steps pasting the written text in to the box. Then hit Parse Proxies and netghost will parse only the proxies, (which youve already strained to become highly annon.) and provide you with a pleasant neat proxy list.

6. You may also allow netghost to scrape proxies and appearance all of them with the checker tab.

The program is effective and it is really fast. No install needed just download and open netghost.exe.. plus its within 100kb therefore if you aren’t pleased with your proxy program youve used, give that one a go.

Net Ghost v1.0 Proxy Tool Free Download