Download WP Rocket Cache 2.7.4 WordPress Plugin Free


Get WP Rocket Cache 2.7.4 WordPress Cache Plugin Free. Dont waste your time and effort battling with complex wordpress plugin configurations. Wordpress Rocket launches upon activation minimal configuration, immediate results.

Page Caching. Caching produces an ultra-fast load time, required for enhancing Internet Search Engine Optimisation and growing conversions. Whenever you switch on WordPress Rocket, page caching is instantly triggered.

WP Rocket Cache 2.7.4 WordPress PluginCache Preloading

Because our crawler simulates a trip to preload the cache, the indexing of the website by search engines like google is quickly enhanced.

Images on Request

Images are loaded only as the customer scrolls lower the page, enhancing the burden duration of the page. YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo along with other major websites are utilizing this method. Now yours can too.

Static Files Compression

WordPress Rocket cuts down on the weight of the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files through minification. Lighter files means faster load time!

Developer friendly

WordPress Rockets code is developed based on WordPress guidelines. It’s clean, said and it has lots of hooks so designers can certainly make advanced customizations

WP Rocket Cache 2.7.4 WordPress Plugin Free Download

WP Rocket Cache 2.7.4 WordPress Plugin Changelog

  • 2.7.4 – 13 April, 2016
    • Bug Fix: Don’t apply LazyLoad on LayerSliders images to avoid display issues
    • Bug Fix: Be sure to purge the URL when using “purge this URL” on front-end