Massive Addons 1.3 – Visual Composer Extensions


Massive Addons 1.3 – Visual Composer Extensions Free Download. Hello, in May 2015 we now have set out to create The Best Visual Composer addon considering the bells and whistles that you just expect from such package. After 8 months we have now ended up with Massive Addons and now we think it is awesome! Learn All about it below, and appreciation for your interest!

We operate as designers and developers for more than a decade, you are able to say we all know our way online Visual Composer is our head to page builder for several years and that’s why we realize it’s advantages and drawbacks. At the beginning we’ve investigated what’s wrong with current addon packages and VC itself. Most of the packages are slow, heavy weight and doesn’t look good. Each time you desire to change something you need to plod through tons of settings to own same look. There is no easy way to easily create stuff with few clicks knowning that got us thinking.

Massive Addons 1.3 - Visual Composer Extensions

We put together Presets. Basically presets are “templates” of styles & layouts for ones shortcodes. With presets it is possible to recreate any layout anywhere on the site with just single click. Of course it is possible to create your own presets, edit the build in package (you will find over 800 presets) or delete those you no longer need anymore.

But this wasn’t our only assumption. It must be easy to use, fast, reliable eye-catching. To give our users full control we’ve got created a lot of settings, but we also wanted it to seem welcoming and straightforward. That’s why we’ve created Easy Mode. It displays merely the necessary settings and hides the others. We came up with the easiest workflow possible: load preset, change (by way of example) content, save and you’re simply done.

Optimization has also been a key assumption. We have spent time on it and scored an “A” grade on gTmetrix with almost 100% score.

To put Massive Addons into perspective we’ve: 45+ shortcodes & additions, 800+ presets, 18 page templates, 3200+ settings, 15 tutorial videos. It took us almost 7000 hours of coding, 541 GIT Commits and we have now written over 110 000 lines of code!

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