Social Lead Freak 4.02 Free Download


Get Social Lead Freak 4.02 Free. Now let me show you why I had to create kick-ass Facebook and Google+ lead generation software for my personal offline marketing business…and explain it quickly.

 Social Lead Freak 4.02 Free Download

You can do these things with Social Lead Freak
Search Groups
Immediately, take out a huge selection of related groupsSee all group membersExtract Member IDs straight away to your PC. And if you surprise why this happened, you’ll see why in an instant!
Search Events
Find people who’ve RSVP’d to go to an event in whatever niche you would like.You should remember that those people who are going to an event are typically very enthusiastic. These are the potential sales opportunities you want.And, again, you can extract all Member IDs onto your PC in about half a second.
You’d have to pay $10+ for leads of this quality, and you will have a much harder time to make a connection with them because you paid for them.
Search Pages
Able to pull up all Facebook pages belong to the keyword(s) you choose.
Ability to filter by how many likes which the page has.
This can be a fantastic way to focus on Facebook fan pages that don’t have numerous likes and provide them your like-boosting services.

Download Social Lead Freak 4.02 Free