Xenon v1.0 Joomla 3.4 Templates Rocket Theme


Xenon v1.0 Joomla 3.4 Templates is an excellent example of precision design, with refined elements and structures to combine vibrancy, elegance and flexibility within one entity. The template is saturated with rich typographical elements to enhance your content.
Xenon v1.0 Joomla 3.4 Templates Rocket Theme

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Download Xenon v1.0 Joomla 3.4 Templates Rocket Theme Free

Installing and Activating Your Premium Joomla Template

Step 1. Download your Template

The first thing you need to do is to download the new Joomla template you’re willing to use for your site on your hard drive.

Step 2. Upload the Template via the Extension Manager

Once you have your Joomla template downloaded on your computer, login to the administrative area of your Joomla website and upload the template through the Extension Manager (Extensions -> Extension Manager). The process is the same for templates, modules, plugins and components.

Step 3. Change your default Joomla template to the new one

Once the template is installed in your Joomla 3 application, you need to make it default for your website so your pages get the new design. First, you need to go to Extensions -> Template Manager.

On this page, you will see a list of the installed templates available for your site and the administrative area. Locate the one you want to use on your site and click on the star icon next to it.

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